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Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

Struggling to Afford, Maintain and Keep Up With your Computer Hardware?

For many companies, affording and maintaining their business’ computer hardware in-house is a real struggle. In addition to the initial capital investment and ongoing maintenance involved, you constantly have to purchase upgrades as old hardware goes out of date.

At Trust Technology Solutions, we have a better solution for businesses in Miami: HaaS (Hardware as a Service), which provides the hardware and IT support you need at a price you can afford.

Trust Technology Solutions’ HaaS plans provide:

  • Enhanced productivity through better technology
  • Access to hardware with any application and operating system
  • Fixed monthly costs, with no capital investment needed
  • Ongoing management and upgrades, as well as 24/7 tech support
  • Scalability as your business grows or needs change

In Miami’s business environment, it’s absolutely crucial to have the latest computer hardware to work with, but the resources (especially the ongoing costs) involved are often difficult to justify. Compared to bigger competitors who benefit from economies of scale, small businesses are at a serious disadvantage when trying to keep their hardware and infrastructure up to date. But with Trust Technology Solutions’ HaaS solutions, you can take advantage of the right business computer hardware without ever having to purchase it outright.

Without the distractions and hassles of dealing with your computer hardware on your own, you can concentrate your efforts on growing your business and getting new leads and sales. Plus, productivity will rise as your employees benefit from having access to the latest technology. And don’t worry — if you have any questions or concerns, our Hardware as a Service computer hardware team is based right here in Miami and is just a phone call away.

Call Trust Technology Solutions’ HaaS professionals today to learn how HaaS can benefit your business.


  • ~ Executive Director at Feldman Gale, P.A.

    "Armando is very knowledgeable and keeps abreast of the computer world. He is very responsive and easy to work with. Armando will work tirelessly to ensure that he not only will find the problem but will provide the most cost effective resolution. - Rob"

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