About Our Company

Why choose Trust Technology Solutions?

We will resolve all of your day-to-day technical headaches for you. Giving you back priceless extra time in your day to focus on what matters most. Our team brings over 20 years of IT experience to the table. All of which have worked for leading IT consulting companies throughout their careers. Today, they bring their knowledge to Trust Technology Solutions to serve our customers.

We know that integrity is paramount for the success of any business, and that’s why we offer cost-effective solutions that never compromise on quality. When you choose us, you’ll get exactly what you need at the best possible rate.

Our team values continued education. We keep ourselves up-to-date (just like our back ups!) on the latest developments in technology so we can provide state-of-the-art solutions to our customers. 

At Trust Technology Solutions, we know that both short-term and long-term goals matter. Our cutting-edge technology solutions help our customers achieve all their goals while providing a phenomenal return on investment (ROI).

Our Team

“If you are true of character, you are accountable. And today, more than ever, technology holds you accountable. This is how I live my life, and this is how I run my business, Trust Technology Solutions.”

“If you are true of character, you are accountable. And today, more than ever, technology holds you accountable. This is how I live my life, and this is how I run my business, Trust Technology Solutions.”

– Armando Binelo

As a natural problem-solver, Armando Binelo founded Trust Technology Solutions to provide efficient and cost-effective services to help businesses succeed.

Before founding his company, Mr. Binelo served TigerDirect as a B2B Technical Support Manager. Then, he developed his professional experience further at Premio PC, where he spearheaded solutions for local government offices and school districts.

In his next endeavor, Mr. Binelo joined an IT consulting firm and earned well-rounded experience in a variety of technological environments.

Mr. Binelo’s journey throughout his IT career has made him a wise and quick-witted CEO of Trust Technology Solutions. He and his team are prepared to conquer any challenge.


Our President, Armando Binelo, brings the expertise needed to manage and resolve your day-to-day technology issues quickly, enabling your company to get back to business. Armando has applied experience across multiple industries and his work speaks for itself. His unique ability to leverage the needs of his clients and contacts allows us to offer you the most cost-effective solutions that never compromise on quality. We continually train, research, and develop our skills on state-of-the-art technologies, which help our clients receive greater return on their investments. Armando is fluent in English and Spanish.


Adriano is our veteran Account Executive for Trust Technology and has applied his years of experience to onboard new clients, while ensuring the satisfaction of our existing customers. He is knowledgeable about the latest trends in the industry and is able to identify the best solution for your business. He is fluent in both English and Spanish. Adriano is skilled in building long-term relationships and continues to show how TrusTechs can help your business grow.

Chris B.

Chris is the Business Development Manager and brings over 8 years of Sales and Marketing experience to the growing team. He has worked with notable companies in multiple industries including, but not limited to: Four Seasons Hotel, Windsor Communities, Greystar, and more. This experience helps establish strong customer relationships, promote brand exposure, as well as finding and communicating the best tools for your business. Along with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Chris is fluent in English, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.

Our Mission

Like our approach to IT, our mission is simple:

At Trust Technology Solutions, we solve problems instead of creating more of them.

Too often, we see other IT consulting firms recommend solutions that are not appropriate or cost-effective for their customers. We have also heard horror stories of other firms shutting down entire servers just to perform routine maintenance on them. For the customers, that results in missed opportunities and a loss in revenue.

Instead, we put your company first. Our team at Trust Technology Solutions will work with your existing business operations and schedule. Our goal is to integrate our solutions seamlessly into your business so you can continue to grow.

As your technology partner, your success is our success. We will work hand in hand with you to support the growth of your business.

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